What Causes Warts?

How Do People Contract Wartswhat causes hpv

Warts are caused with any of the over 100 known variations of the human papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV is found everywhere and we all come into contact with it throughout our lives such as a handshake or touching a doorknob

For someone to contract HPV the skin only has to be slightly damaged for the virus to infect the outer layer of the skin causing rapid cell growth that forms a wart…

Most of us will contract skin warts throughout our lives and many of them will be warts on the hands.

Factors That Increase The Chance Of Contracting HPV Warts…how to prevent hpv warts

  • Working with meats
  • Using a public shower
  • Unprotected sex (genital warts)
  • Weak immune system
  • Eczema

 Different Types Of Warts

Common Warts – These warts appear as rough raised bumps. They will show up on fingers and toes but they can appear elsewhere and they are identified by a fleshy bump with gray skin.

Plantar Warts – They are warts on the soles of our feet and walking can be uncomfortable due to the pressure of the body’s weight on the wart.

Unlike other warts these grow inside you’re skin rather than above it.

Genital Warts – These warts are transmitted trough unprotected sexual contact with a partner that has certain strains of the HPV virus. These warts can appear near the anus and genital areas.

Flat Warts – These warts have a flat tops. Children usually get these on their faces, men get them on their beard area and women have flat warts on their legs.

How To Remove Warts…

Wartrol over the counter wart removerWhile warts go away on their own it usually takes many months for it to do so and not everyone wants to wait that long because warts are ugly to look at and can become uncomfortable.

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